The word “RECESSION” sounds like epidemic, when heard in the ear of people who does not real understand what it meant. When you look into that word vividly you will understand that it is an endemic in disguised.

When one is in financial crisis he would know and understand that truly the word Recession is an epidemic in disguised that comes with stigmatization.

If recession entered a country its outbreak will cause the foreign investors to live that country in order to avoid to be affected by its economic meltdown and go to the country that has a stable economy.

When it visit a country it sky-rock the essential commodities to the extent that, the common man in that country will not be able to afford the basic three square meal. Some will not be able to stand the stigmatization which it causes; these will make them to take their own lives by committing suicide. Recently a man fell off from a three storey building at Apapa area with a written note that was found in his pocket which he wrote that he cannot afford to feed his family not to talk of paying their school fee, though he put the blame to the present government that has make things difficult to the common man.

With these trends caused by recession; many parents are finding it difficult to fund their children education while some have pulled their children out from private schools to public schools and some have taken their wards to a cheaper private school where they found it affordable.

Speaking with some of the parents recently about the change of schools for their wards.

Mr. Kayode a civil servant said that, because of the situation in the country and based on his salary he cannot afford to pay his three children school fee, who are in one of the private school in Ajegunle that was why he decided to cut his coat to his measurement by withdrawing them from the private school and put them in public school.

Mr. Obi a trader at Alaba International market said, “he withdraw his children from their former school because of the increased in the school fee, he said with the situation of things in the country being a trader he is finding it difficult to make sales this days so, he had to withdraw his children from their former school and put them to the one he can afford the fee”.

Though some parents affirmed that, some schools did not increase their fee because they thought that, the increment of the school fee is one of the major factors that make them to withdraw their wards. When one of the school proprietors in Apapa area who does not want his name in print was asked the reason of not increasing his own school fee, he said “I found out that parents were withdrawing their wards in some schools because of increment in school fee I then realized that, the increment and economic crisis caused by recession is one of the major factors that caused the withdrawing of student in their various schools, what I did was to reduced the teachers in order to maintain the fee being paid previously, like in some classes they used to have two to three teachers I reduced it to one”.

Even some of the public schools that some parents take their wards to are in a shamble and hazardous state. The governments who are responsible to take care of those schools are busy siphoning and embezzling the money which are to be used for the ware fare of common man in the society.

One continues to ask if this recession continue in future what will be the fate of common man and their children or are they trying to tell us that education is not made for a common man in the society or are their children not part of leaders of tomorrow?






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