frequent asked question

Name: Kate Nwamaka Anozie

Matric No: Nmc/14/2589

Course code: nmc 203

Course Title: Online Journalism


Before looking into the frequently asked questions on online Journalism, let me quickly defined online Journalism in my own understanding. Online Journalism is a way of disseminating information through facebook, instagram, blogging, making comment,ss analysis and reporting news online.

With the help of online Journalism information goes viral all over the world in two second

The Frequent Asked Question are as follow:

Can print compete with online Journalism? Print is traditional and cannot compete with online which is in the era of internet and its news is immediate.

What have been the defining factors in the growth of online media? Is it mostly down to convenience, lowered costs or advancing technology?

It depends who you’re referring to and what you mean by ‘defining factors’ – defining in what ways?

For media organisations that existed before the web, it was both an opportunity to access new revenue streams, but more importantly defend against potential new competitors.

FAQ: How has working online changed how you write?

Working online has changed my writing effectively, because it help me to cultivate the habit of reading and as am reading am checking the style of the writer whether it is humour, satire or philosophical.

Do you think that working online has allowed you to be more open and express your opinions more freely than through another medium (e.g. print)?

Absolutely, but I don’t think that’s to do with the medium so much as the institutional framework surrounding that.


What are the most common definitions of data journalism? What is your definition?

“Data journalism is, basically, any journalism that involves structured data. And when everything is online – from government spending and last month’s weather to music sales, fashion gossip, social network connections and sports performances – that basically means the world is your oyster.”

What are the different types of data journalism?

There are all sorts, from short simple pieces that only fill a few paragraphs to long-form investigative pieces or interactive tools. It can relate to getting the data, analyzing it, telling the story or making that interactive.




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