My eyes bleed every now and then, when I watched what is happening to this nation of ours called Nigeria. A nation that is supposed to be uphold by her leaders, a nation that her generation supposed to be pride of: a nation of my birth.

Who will tell me what is happening; who will tell me why Nigerians are clamouring for violence, killing their fellow citizens and vandalizing their properties, and aggravating for war every now and then.

Oh Nigeria my beloved country, how are thou falling to the hands of blood thirsty human being; Fulani Herdsmen from the north killing innocent Nigerians, Militants in Niger Delta vandalizing pipeline causing hardship to innocent citizen, Boko Haram killing and adopting innocent citizen most especially the Christians in their mist just because of their faith, the IPOB agitating for freedom, and miscreant in the neighborhoods threatening innocent citizens with sophisticated weapons, looting their wares in the market place.

Oh Nigeria the once giant of Africa, have your pride been taken away from you? I want to know.

With all these magnitude of problems facing Nigeria what will the future hold for the next generation, can we forget all these malicious killing and talk about love that will foster the live of its citizens.

Picture source : google


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